Mar 12, 2014 · Failing to secure the gas cap can cause a 10% drop in fuel economy. If there are no instructions on the cap, take it to three clicks. Air Filter. A clogged up air filter reduces the amount of air coming into the engine, which means more fuel is being burned than air. This leads to an overly rich fuel condition, which will trigger a trouble code.
The 6.9 is a great engine, they can make good power if you Turbocharge them. And the cylinders are not known for electrolosis like the 7.3 engines are. And electric fuel pump can be of a big help getting primed. One more thing if the glow piug timer goes click click click it's malfunctioning.
Diesel Fuel Injection and Turbocharger Sales and Service Dealer. Our company has two divisions: J & H Diesel Service, Inc., provides sales and service for diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors, along with diesel drive in shop service for diesel vehicles. J & H Turbo Service, Inc. offers sales and service for all makes of turbochargers. Check for air in the fuel. This is an especially likely culprit if the engine dies shortly after it starts, and then is difficult to restart. Leaks in the fuel lines or pump can allow air into the system. Clogged fuel filters.
Now for some completely unscientific opinion. The ULSD that is being forced upon the diesel fuel market is, IMHO, a contributing factor to the failure of injectors in diesel engines. The ULSD does not have the level of lubricity of the older LSD. This can be fixed by adding some type of diesel additive.
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